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  • 1. What is IRFS exactly?
    The Indian Realty Flash Sale (IRFS) is India’s first and largest Real Estate flash sale. The digital event offers a transparent and hassle-free home buying experience for consumers, with the best deals in the market for a limited period. Furthermore, it creates a consumer-centric platform that brings together developers and consumers, passing benefits directly without the involvement of middlemen.
    The 3rd edition, IRFS 2020, is set to be the biggest real estate marketing event of the year.
  • 2. Have there been occurrences of online flash sale for real estate in India?
    No. IRFS is the first online flash sale in the history of Indian Real Estate. This is the 3rd edition of it.
  • 3. How does it work?
    At IRFS we bring the best pre-negotiated deals, straight from the developers to you. Here’s how it works:
    • Sign up & explore deals
    • Shortlist your favorite properties
    • Take a look at the site virtually over a video call
    • Block the apartment of your choice from the available inventory by paying a token amount
    • Pay the agreement value within the next 30 days and book/ confirm your dream home
  • 4. What is the duration of the IRFS campaign?
    IRFS-2020 is planned to run for 60 days across multiple cities in India.
  • 5. What is the price range for the listed projects?
    Prices start at pocket-friendly rates, as low as Rs. 10 Lac and rise to ultra-luxury properties priced at around Rs. 5 Cr.
  • 6. Do you provide home loans?
    No, we don’t arrange for home loans but we participating developers have tied up with the banks that provide offers on home loans. Do keep in mind that these are just offers, we do not guarantee approval from the bank.
  • 7. How will I get a confirmation that I have paid and my flat is blocked?
    You will receive an online Receipt with the details of your transaction.
  • 8. Within what time frame do I have to pay the remaining amount to confirm the booking?
    Within 30 days of paying the token amount.
  • 9. Is the token amount refundable?
    Yes. Token Amount is refundable with nominal deduction charges of Rs.1000. It takes usually 15 days to get the payments reflected from the date of cancellation.
  • 10. If the project I liked is not on the IRFS platform, what should I do?
    Please drop in your project of interest on Our sales team will revert to you with more options as per your preference. (in case of any other cancellations too).
  • 11. Are NRIs eligible to make a purchase?
    Yes, NRIs can make investments in India in consonance with Indian law, RBI rules and regulations as well as other regulations set forth by the Foreign Investment Promotion Board (FIPB).
  • 12. The information I’m looking for is not available. Whom do I contact?
    Please drop in your query at Our helpdesk team will revert to you within 24 hours/ at the earliest
  • 13. Do I book the property online or at the builder’s site?
    You may simply book your dream home on the IRFS portal via the payment link sent by our sales team. However it’s just token payment, you further need to make payments directly to the developer.
  • 14. I am more interested in more than 1 project. Can I see both properties on a video call?
    Yes, you can.
  • 15. If I’ve paid the token amount for 1 property but I want to book a flat in another property of the same developer, is it allowed?
    No, token amounts are not transferable from one property to another. This is because each offer is unique to an individual property configuration. You have to cancel the first token, initiate a refund and then pay for new token.
  • 16. I have paid the token amount but am no longer interested. My friend however is, so can it be transferred?
    No, it cannot be transferred since the transaction receipt will have your name & contact details on it.
  • 17. How many flats can I book in IRFS?
    You can book as many flats as you want by paying said token amount for each project and then subsequently the amount required to confirm the booking within 30 days of paying token amount.